Quality of Life Dialogue

Enhancing the Quality of Life for the people of Prince George’s County, a key ingredient for economic growth and prosperity, is among the most essential duties of the Prince George’s County Council.

Please join us for a Comprehensive Quality of Life Dialogue about how we perform as a community—what we are doing right, and ways we may improve—now and in the future.
  We want to hear from you on the big, important things that directly impact the lives of Prince Georgians -- the state of our economy, jobs, health, public safety, education, transportation and the environment. 

Quality of Life Dialogue
April 19, 2016 Meeting

Reports and Presentations

2016 "Health in All Policies" County Health Rankings Presentation
Dr. Joseph Wright, MD

Health Briefing Report - Board of Health

County Council Quality of Life Index Presentation
Greater Prince George's Business Roundtable

Quality of Life Index Report

County Health Ranking and Roadmaps Report
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation