Office of the Clerk of the County Council

Donna J. Brown, Clerk

The Office of the Clerk of the Council renders essential support services to the County Council in its capacities as the County’s legislative body, the District Council in planning and zoning matters, and the Board of Health.  The office performs detailed record-keeping functions essential to the smooth operation of the Legislative Branch.

 Responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain the official Journal of legislative and zoning actions and related agenda items;
  • Prepare County Council and District Council agendas and minutes;
  • Advertise legal notices;
  • Assist in codification of the County Code;
  • Maintain the Legislative and Zoning Information System (LZIS); and
  • Serve as the official custodian of the Council’s permanent records.

Items pending before, and adopted by the Council, may be obtained from the Council’s Legislative and Zoning Information System (LZIS); however, signed copies are available upon request.

Legislative Branch Calendars and Agendas


Legislative/Zoning Information System


Who is My Council Member?



Wayne K. Curry Administration Bldg. | 1301 McCormick Drive |  2nd Floor |  Largo, MD 20774

Office Hours

Monday through Friday | 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Services available by appointment.  See Legislative Branch Operational Procedures for details).