Comprehensive Housing Strategy

The Comprehensive Housing Strategy will develop an implementable plan that will assess current and future housing needs; consider barriers to home ownership and affordability; regional realities, existing strategies as well as unique local housing and fiscal challenges in Prince George's County.  Specific tasks of the Comprehensive Housing Strategy are:

  • Review the foundational documents, plans, and assess the County demographics and define methodology
  • Create survey instrument
  • Assess current market condition by collecting quantitative and qualitative data through review of demographics and collecting data from the various stakeholders through surveys, focus groups, and public meetings.
  • Review the County’s existing housing programs and policies and make recommendations for new policies and programs.
  • Conduct Housing Needs Analysis
  • Develop effective and efficient communications tools to keep the public engaged and informed (social media, website, media, etc.)
  • Prepare a report that includes findings, recommendation and proposed short, midrange, and long-term strategic goals.
  • Create and publish Comprehensive Housing.

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Housing Opps

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Project Consultants

Enterprise Community Partners, a national nonprofit, is the lead consultant. Enterprise is a proven and powerful nonprofit that improves communities and people’s lives by making well-designed homes affordable. We bring together the nationwide know-how, partners, policy leadership and investments to multiply the impact of local affordable housing development. Over 35 years, Enterprise has created nearly 470,000 homes, invested $28.9 billion and touched millions of lives. Previous work with Prince George’s County has included:

  • Investing over $400,000 in capacity building grants to the County’s CDCs and nonprofits
  • Investing over $22 million in financing to support the preservation or production of over 410 homes
  • Providing training, grants, and technical assistance through the Faith-Based Development Initiative
  • Providing direct TA and capacity building to multiple CDCs in the County through OneCPD

Enterprise Advisors, the public-sector consulting arm of Enterprise, is providing both overall project management and subject matter expertise for the Comprehensive Housing Strategy. We offer consulting services in affordable housing, community and economic development, and community-focused strategic planning and engagement. The Enterprise core project team represents nearly 20 years of expertise in community development and housing planning and offers a breadth of technical knowledge, subject-matter expertise, and project management skills. Enterprise Advisors has lead and supported several comprehensive housing strategy efforts in jurisdictions across the country, including: Charlotte, NC; Denver, CO; Durham, NC; New Orleans, LA; Los Angeles, CA; Newark, NJ; Wake County, NC; Washoe County, NV.

Additional project team members & roles

McMillon Communications, Inc. (McMillon), based in Prince George’s County, is developing a public outreach and communication strategy and plan for the County’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy. McMillon’s work includes development of a communications and civic engagement toolkit, messaging guides for specific issue areas and populations, and an online outreach strategy including social media and content for the County’s website. McMillon is also working with the County to design facilitation of the public meetings.

Lisa Sturtevant of Lisa Sturtevant & Associates LLC will be conducting focus groups with a range of stakeholders to support the comprehensive housing study in Prince George’s County.

The University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education is responsible for conducting an analysis of existing and future housing needs in the County. The existing housing needs analysis will consider current demographic, economic, and market conditions; housing affordability and trends; and housing supply. This work will inform our assessment of opportunity-based neighborhood typologies throughout the County. The future housing needs analysis will include an evaluation of existing housing demand forecasts and will quantify the future housing need by income group, housing and household type, and population.

The Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech (VCHR) is contributing expertise to the assessment of housing needs and helping to synthesize study findings and make policy recommendations. VCHR will also contribute an analysis of residential construction costs in the County and an analysis of housing affordability by occupation and industry sector.