Clerk's Office | Records Request/Appointment to Review a File

The Clerk of the Council is responsible for preserving and maintaining the Council's permanent records, in accordance with an approved retention schedule, and is considered the official custodian of the following records:

  • Pending, amended, and adopted Legislation (bills and resolutions);
  • Pending or approved District Council Zoning files;
  • Sectional Map Amendments, Master Plans, Special Exceptions, Site Plans, Non-conforming Uses, and other cases requiring Council action; and
  • Files mandated by County Code and State Law.

Records produced by and for the Prince George's County Council are regulated by the County Records Management Program pursuant to County Code Subtitle 2, Division 16. Retention schedules have been developed and are subject to review by the State Archivist who ensures the preservation of worthy records. Documents are stored in the Clerk’s office, County Records Centers; Digitally (some of which date back to approximately 1924); and at the Maryland Hall of Records for long-term storage or permanent preservation.

Given the current state of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to maintain the safety of Council, staff, and members of the public, records access will be provided electronically or by appointment.  Click the appropriate button below to request a document or schedule an appointment to review a file in the Clerk's Office. Additional time may be required to process requests for documents that are not currently in digital format.  To follow-up on a request, please contact the Clerk of the Council at (301) 952-3600

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