Rent Stabilization Work Group 


“Renters matter. For too long the message has been that they don’t. Residents are suffering because of rent increases, and rent stabilization creates stability so renters know that they are not going to wake up and their rent is doubled. We want Prince Georgians to have access to affordable, habitable, and fair housing and this workgroup will help to get us closer to that goal.” 

- Prince George's County Council Member Krystal Oriadha

What is the Rent Stabilization Workgroup?

The Rent Stabilization Workgroup, established by Council Bill 007-2023 and Council Bill 51- 2023, was formed to explore options for Prince George's County to pass legislation in 2024 for permanent rent stablitization.

How does the Rent Stabilization Workgroup benefit Prince George’s County?

There is value in having a Rent Stabilization Workgroup to assist Prince George’s County with the creation and monitoring of a Countywide Housing Policy, and provide guidance and assistance with implementing comprehensive strategies to promote and preserve housing for all; provide guidance and innovation in financing tools and redistribution of County resources; promote strategies for equitable access to healthcare, education, jobs, and transportation; and assist the County assess barriers to fair, affordable, diverse and quality housing opportunities to meet the existing and future needs for the County’s diverse populations.

Rent Stabilization Workgroup Members

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What is the legislative history behind the reason for forming this Workgroup? 

  • The Prince George’s County Council enacted Council Bill 007-2023, for the purpose of temporarily amending the Landlord-Tenant Code to limit landlords’ ability to increase rent in an amount that exceeds three percent (3%) per annum of the existing rent amount for any tenant.
  • In April, 2023, the Prince George’s County Council introduced Council Bill 051-2023, the purpose of declaring certain actions by Landlords as retaliation to include the termination of a lease in order to force a pre-existing tenant into a new lease for the purpose of avoiding the rent increase limitation established by the Rent Stabilization Act.
  • In May, 2023, the Prince George's County Council established the Rent Stabilization Workgroup.

Latest News


June 16, 2023

WATCH: Rent Stabilization Work Group Meeting #6
(January 12, 2023)

Rent Stabilization Workgroup Members

As of July 2023
Krystal Oriadha Council Member, Council District 7 Prince George's County Council
Aspasia Xypolia Director Prince George's County Department of Housing & Community Development
Moha Thakur Public Policy and Mid-Atlantic Initiatives Manager National Housing Trust
Shola Giwa Senior Director of Asset Management National Housing Trust
Jeff Kayce Senior Vice President Bozzuto Development Company
Phuc Tran Vice President and Asset Management Jair Lynch Team
Jorge Benitez Lead Organizer CASA de Maryland
Carletta Lundy Branch Secretary NAACP of Prince George's County
Michael Bodaken Professor of Public Policy University of Maryland
Kia Jefferson County Resident Housing Justice Coalition Member
Deloris Prioleau County Resident Housing Justice Coalition Member
Carlos Lancaster Real Estate Agent,
EXIT Right Realty
Prince George's County Association of Realtors
Ashley Power Member Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA) of Metropolitan Washington
Cheryl Cort Policy Director Coalition for Smarter Growth
Jessica Quincosa, Esq. Executive Director Community of Legal Studies of Prince George's County
Lori Parris Senior Advisor Prince George's County Department of Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement
Gloria Brown Director  Prince George's County Department of Social Services
Taylor Phillips Director of Public Policy Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers (HAND)
John Maneval Principal Oculus CAS LLC
Brad Fromme Partner RISE Investment Partners
Tiffany Hannon Chief of Staff Office of Prince George's County Council Member Krystal Oriadha (District 7)
Hager Franklin Special Assistant to the Director Department of Housing and Community Development

How is the Workgroup structured?

The Rent Statbilization Workgroup is composed of 21 members: 

  • Prince George’s County Council Member or designee (Workgroup Chair)
  • Department of Housing and Community Development Director or designee (Workgroup Co-Chair)
  • Department of Permitting, Inspection, and Enforcement (DPIE) Director or Designee
  • One representative from each:  Prince George’s County Association of Realtors; CASA de Maryland, Prince George’s Chapter; Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA).
  • At minimum, the Workgroup will meet twice a month; unless otherwise required by the Workgroup Co-Chairs.