Domestic Violence Grant Program

The Prince George’s County Council, committed to ending domestic violence and abuse in the County, has appropriated $500,000 in FY 2020 in a fourth round of grant funding to support the Council’s Domestic Violence Grant Program.   The grant program, is a funding resource for programs that serve the housing, counseling, or advocacy needs of County residents who are victims of domestic violence.   The program also supports prevention activities through a coordinated and collaborative community response to domestic violence in Prince George’s County.

FY 2020 Prince George’s County Council Domestic Violence Grant Program funds are available to nonprofit organizations through a review and evaluation process for all applicants.  


FY 2019 Domestic Violence Grant Program Awardees

St. Matthew's Housing Corporation
Funding to support Transitional Housing services for survivors of Domestic Violence, in order to secure housing, counseling, financial planning, and other support for families experiencing domestic violence. Housing and services will take place in Alpha House and Beta House, two non-profit rent-supported houses for low-to-moderate income families, three-quarters of whom are fleeing domestic violence, for 12-24 months as they work towards ultimate stability in their lives.

Community Crisis Services, Inc.
Funding to support Safe Passages Shelter, which has moved to Community Crisis Services, Inc. (CCSI) with the acquisition of Family Crisis Center of Prince George’s County by CCSI. The Safe Passages Shelter provides emergency housing for individuals and families escaping domestic violence.

La Clinica del Pueblo
Funding to support Domestic Violence Outreach & Prevention for Latinos in Prince George’s County, which seeks to educate and engage the Latino community in Prince George’s County, which experiences high rates of domestic violence. Project will provide culturally appropriate educational programming to promote healthy, respectful, nonviolent relationships and address known risk factors while promoting protective factors.
Progressive Life Center, Inc.
Funding to support African American Domestic Violence Faith-Based Training Initiative, which will expand PLC’s culturally specific DV (including dating violence and family violence) training program targeting faith-based leaders within the County. The program will include trainings and workshops for faith-based leaders; development and dissemination of a toolkit specifically designed for faith leaders; as well as other education materials, forums, and coalition-building activities.
Prince George's Child Resource Center, Inc.
Funding to support Healthy Families Prince George’s County Domestic Violence Program to support Intimate Partner Violence prevention activities, including mental health services and peer support groups, in a physically and psychologically safe space, as an extension of Healthy Families Prince George’s.
The Institute  for Creative Community Initiatives
Funding to support #luvinasafespace program. The primary objective of this program is to reduce the known risk factors for domestic violence and promote protective factors. Through partnerships with high schools and community organizations, ICCI will use the Relationship Smarts curriculum to work intensively with local teens and will “train the trainer” to ensure others are equipped to offer the Relationship Smarts curriculum in their schools and programs.

Dimensions Health Corporation d/b/a UM Capital Region Health
Funding will support the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center of The University of Maryland Capital Region Health DV/SAC Prevention and Training Program, which provides technical assistance, professional training, and prevention education in three main focus areas. These include: law enforcement personnel; college/university faculty, staff, and students; and participants in the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development New Future Bridge Subsidy Housing Program.
Website: UM Sexual Assault Center
Sisters4Sisters, Inc.
Funding will support The LOVE (Leave Out Violence Everyday) Movement Programwhich is dedicated towards empowering women, girls, and families in Prince George’s County by providing domestic violence education and prevention programs along with direct resources to those impacted by domestic violence, including the SAFE DATE app.

Community Advocates for Family & Youth, Inc.
Funding to provide pro bono therapeutic counseling services in a culturally appropriate way using a bilingual mental health clinician with a variety of modalities that will support the DV victim, children, and family group impacted by domestic violence.
District Heights Youth Development Foundation
Funding to support Children’s Domestic Violence Counseling Program, which will offer licensed counselors to provide individual, group, and family counseling to child victims of domestic violence and their families.

Community Advocates for Family & Youth, Inc.
Funding to support Holistic Support for all DV Survivors program, which will allow case managers to include legal services in DV survivors’ victim service plans in addition to providing linkages to programs and information. It will help domestic violence victims to navigate confusing legal proceedings and complicated social service systems and enable them to make informed choices.
Community Legal Services of Prince George's County, Inc.
Funding to support Domestic Violence Wellness Program, which provides civil legal services to survivors fleeing violence in Prince George’s County. This program provides survivors the ability to assess and identify their civil legal needs with the goal of providing future stability through considerable wrap-around services for financial and legal independence to minimize survivors returning to their abuser because of lack of resources.
Women's Law Center of Maryland
Funding to support Multi-Ethnic Domestic Violence Program (MEDOVI), which provides legal representation in immigration matters to foreign-born victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, intimate-partner stalking, and sex trafficking. Program assists foreign-born residents of Prince George’s County who have been abused and who face great risk for further exploitation as well as separation from U.S.-born children. MEDOVI improves safety and stability for victims and their U.S.-born children by maximizing victims’ access to legal remedies available in immigration proceedings.