Domestic Violence Grant Program    

The Prince George’s County Council, committed to ending domestic violence and abuse in the County, has appropriated $500,000 in FY 2021 in a fifth round of grant funding to support the Council’s Domestic Violence Grant Program.   The grant program, is a funding resource for programs that serve the Housing, Mental Health/Counseling, or Advocacy/Legal Services for County residents who are survivors of domestic violence.   The program also supports workforce development activities through a coordinated and collaborative community response to domestic violence in Prince George’s County.

FY 2021 Prince George’s County Council Domestic Violence Grant Program funds are available to nonprofit organizations through a review and evaluation process for all applicants. 

FY 2021 Domestic Grant Awards


Domestic Violence Grant Program Allocations

Dimensions Health Corporation d/b/a UM Capital Region Health

$     30,000.00

Community Crisis Services, Inc. (CCSI)

    $   101,000.00

Prince George's Community College (PGCC)

$     79,000.00

The Training Source

$     50,000.00

District Heights Youth Development Foundation

$     60,000.00

Greater Baden Medical Services

$     50,000.00

House of Ruth

$     40,000.00

Community Advocate for Family & Youth (CAFY)

$     50,000.00

Court Appointed Service Advocates (CASA)

$     40,000.00


$  500,000.00


FY 2021 Award Descriptions



Dimensions Health Corporation d/b/a/ UM Capital Region Health
Funding will support the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center of The University of Maryland Capital Region Health DV/SAC Prevention and Training Program, which provides technical assistance, professional training, and prevention education in three main focus areas. These include: law enforcement personnel; college/university faculty, staff, and students; and participants in the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development New Future Bridge Subsidy Housing Program.



Community Crisis Services, Inc.
Funding to support Safe Passages Shelter, which has moved to Community Crisis Services, Inc. (CCSI) with the acquisition of Family Crisis Center of Prince George’s County by CCSI. The Safe Passages Shelter provides emergency housing for individuals and families escaping domestic violence.




Prince George’s Community College (PGCC)
Purple Skies at PGCC is a scholarship program for survivors and their children. The program will provide scholarships for accelerated continuing education courses that culminate with digital badges and/or industry certifications. The college offers participants an opportunity to register for a course or a mini Pathway. Mini pathways are typically comprised of a cluster of at least 3 courses that provide stackable credentials, such as Certified Nursing Assistants (CAN), Helpdesk Technician or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians.



The Training Source
The Training Source was established to help unemployed and underemployed adults gain the competence and confidence to successfully transition to the workplace. Today their mission is to provide education, training and services that promote positive economic mobility. They will provide opportunities for job training, career development services and job placement.




District Heights Youth Development Foundation
Funding will support the “District Heights Domestic Violence Prevention and Counseling Program” and expand an existing program. The Youth Development Foundation will provide licensed professional counseling services for 40 clients, ages 2-19, and their families through the collaboration with the District Heights YSB. Licensed counselors will be utilized to facilitate individual, group and family counseling sessions utilizing the treatment modalities of Biofeedback, Trauma-Focused CBT and Theraplay to achieve set goals.



Greater Baden Medical Services
Funding will support the “Greater Baden Integrated Behavioral Health and Counseling Program (IBHCP). The IBHCP proposes to make 240 sessions of behavioral health counseling available to domestic violence litigants over the one-year project period. Grant funding for the DVGP will provide partial salary support for the multi-disciplinary Greater Baden IBHCP provider team, consisting of (1) a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, (2) a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and (3) a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.



House of Ruth
Funding will support the “Counseling Services for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence” Program that will provide counseling services to 200 adult IPV victims and 60 child victims of IPV. It will primarily support the effort of HRM counselors, with $5,000 reserved for client assistance. HRM’s Brentwood location is primarily focused on providing counseling services which include danger assessment, IPV education, safety planning, and access to a Community Advocate for service coordination.




Community Advocates for Family & Youth, Inc.  (CAFY)
Funding will support CAFY’s Embrace, Educate, Empower Program: DV Survivors, a hybrid advocacy/legal program that aims to maximize the benefits of providing legal services to domestic violence survivors and takes the opportunity to resolve any of their workforce development needs. By collaborating with Community Legal Services (CLS) on this program, CAFY is able to expand their capacity to help more victims and expand legal services offerings beyond protective orders.



Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
With this funding support, CASA will ensure 100% of Domestic Violence-exposed children who are referred to CASA and living in Prince George’s County are matched with a trained CASA Advocate who will advocate for them. CASA will collaborate with the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence and address the needs of youth who have been exposed to family violence, domestic violence or dating violence; improve the Court’s handling of child maltreatment cases; and break the cycle of abuse that brought them into foster care.