The fees for filing appeals or variance requests with the Board of Appeals are listed in County Code Section 2-122. The fee schedule was last modified by the County Council in 2003.

Fee Schedules

Financial Hardship

County Code Section 27-231(c)(2) states that in lieu of the fee, an appellant may submit an affidavit claiming that payment of the fee would be an extreme financial hardship. The hardship may only be claimed by a natural person. The affidavit must contain the information required by the County Director of Finance and any other pertinent facts which the appellant feels are necessary.


County Code Section 27-23l(c)(l) states that fees are nonrefundable unless (upon request of the appellant) the Board finds that the fee was paid by mistake. Section 2-122(d) states that the Board may refund a filing fee where the Board finds a clear violation by an administrative agent of the County.​