County Code

The County Code is a compilation of County laws printed so that the text of each Code section contains the latest amended wording of that section. Annotations make reference to the number of the Council Bill which enacted the section and to all subsequent amending Bills.

Section 321 of the Charter requires that a codification of all laws in effect be published at intervals of not greater than four years. Editions of the Code have been published in 1975, 1979, 1983, 1987, 1991, 1995 and 1999. Additionally, annual supplements to the Code are published as required by the Charter.

In addition to the codification requirements of the Charter, acts of the Council passed under the Express Powers Act are required to be compiled and sent to the State by March 1 of each year. The sanctions for failure to comply is the State's right to discontinue all State funds to the County.

The County Code is enacted at least once every four years in its entirety as an edition. Each year a supplement is published to incorporate additions, deletions and amendments to the Code which have been enacted by bill during the legislative year. The Code is organized by subtitles which pertain to a particular topic or a collection of related topics. The topics are arranged alphabetically within the Code and are assigned a subtitle number. Additionally, due to the size and complexity of the Zoning Ordinance, Subtitle 27, this subtitle is divided into Parts. Each Part pertains to a particular topic within Subtitle 27. The Code has a topical index plus a separate index for Zoning.

The entire Code is printed at the time an edition is adopted. Supplements reflecting all changes made since the printing of the last edition are printed as “pocket parts” for each Subtitle and each Part of the Zoning Ordinance. The edition is printed on white paper and the supplements are printed on colored paper. The Code is also accessible on data terminals, with amendments to the Code being updated as enacted bills become effective, as part of the Legislative Information System. A user's guide to the Legislative Information System contains complete information about the system.