Audits & Reports Process

Audit Process
The County Auditor prepares an Audit Plan annually. Audits are selected in accordance with the Charter for Prince George's County, Maryland, and through a risk analysis process to concentrate on those areas of greatest risk and opportunity for improvements. Audit areas are chosen based on potential for cost savings and service improvements, and are sometimes included based on management requests. Audits are performed in the following 4 phases.

Survey & Research
Work completes the auditors understanding of the audit area and finalizes the scope and objective of the project. The auditor may develop potential points for improvement.

Involves the audit activities related to identifying, testing, and evaluating key controls of the functions under audit. During this phase, the auditor develops adequate evidence for audit observations and recommendations.

Can be in various forms. It can be a verbal presentation, a memorandum, or most often, a written audit report summarizing observations and management's responses. After agreement is reached on the observations, a final report containing the audit findings is issued.

Follow-up Is a periodic review with agency management to assess the progress made on prior audit recommendations.

Report Process

Discussion Draft
The Office of Audits and Investigations will provide a discussion draft report to the audited agency and to the Chief Administrative Officer prior to the exit conference.

Exit Conference
An exit conference will be scheduled with the department to discuss the findings and recommendations of the audit engagement.

Formal Report
After making any changes to the discussion draft report as a result of the exit conference, the formal report will be issued to the County Council. The County Council will distribute the final report to the County Executive for distribution to the audited agency/department. The County Council also forwards copies of each audit to the Prince George's County Memorial Library System for general use.

Department Response
The audited agency/department is to submit a written response regarding the formal report to the Chief Administrative Officer within 20 days of issuance.