Representation Before Hearing Examiner

  • An Individual may represent himself.
  • A corporation or partnership may be represented only by an attorney admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of Maryland (attorney-at-law).
  • A bona fide civic association or homeowners association may be represented by an attorney-at-law or a duly elected officer of the association.
Practice of Law
The practice of law, which is prohibited by laymen, consists of:
  • Giving legal advice
  • Representing another person before a unit of the State government or of a political subdivision (City or County)
  • Performing other services prohibited by the Court of Appeals
Non-lawyers may only fill out forms and perform other purely mechanical functions, but they may not represent parties before agencies of the State at hearings, nor may they give legal advice, interpret legal documents, or apply legal principles to any problems of complexity for another unless expressly permitted by State statute. (76 Opinions of the Attorney General 329, Opinion No. 91-045)