Authority in Zoning Matters

The Zoning Hearing Examiner (ZHE) is authorized to conduct hearings on behalf of the District Council in the following types of zoning cases:
  • Applications for Zoning Map Amendments
  • Applications for Special Exceptions and requests for variances related thereto
  • Petitions for revocation or modification of Special Exceptions, and the accompanying revocation of use and occupancy permits
  • Applications for validation of permits issued in error
  • Fence waivers for nonconforming junk yards
  • Requests for authorization to construct buildings within planned rights-of-way
  • Requests for the reduction of the minimum area required for the construction of attached dwellings
  • Amendments of certain site plans
  • Annulments of Map Amendment approvals for noncompliance with conditions
  • Amendments of approved Basic Plans
  • Reviews of certifications of nonconforming uses
  • Amendments of approved Special Exceptions
  • Complaints regarding medical practitioners' offices in one-family dwellings and racetracks
  • Appeals from decisions of the Historic Preservation Commission
  • Any other case for which the District Council directs that a hearing be held by the Zoning Hearing Examiner
The ZHE's hearings are public and subject to all the requirements and restrictions placed upon the District Council. The hearings are generally advertised in a newspaper of record.