Thank you for the good work you are doing in Prince George's County as we work together to strengthen our community.


You can apply for the Special Appropriation Grant and Departmental Grant through June 5th 2023 at 5pm.
Supporting Non-Profits
Each year the Prince George's County Council appropriates funds to support non-profit organizations throughout the County in the form of Special Appropriation Grants. Each Council Member has their own process for distributing grant funding.

Past Grant Support
 Past grant support from District 3 does not influence future grant funding, but if you have received a District 3 Special Appropriation Grant in the past, please include information about how that money was used.

Applying for FY 2023 Special Appropriations Grant 
Our District 3 Office is still accepting Special Appropriations grant applications for Nonprofits until June 5th at 5pm. To apply click here. This is a competitive process as each year funding requests far exceed available funds. Priority is given to programs that serve District 3 residents and grants are typically in the range of $500-$1,500. In your application, please be sure to include a description of the work you do with District 3 residents. Letters of support are not required, but may enhance your application. 

 I believe it is crucial for Prince George's County to expend more dollars in health and social services. Doing so during the midst of an economic crises requires prioritization. Thus, I will allocate the District 3 Special Appropriation Grant funding to proposals that align with the needs and strategies that address equity in the community.

District 3 Grant Submission
District 3 Special Appropriations Grants in the past have had a submission deadline. For the FY2023 grant cycle we are accepting applications until June 5th at 5pm; however, a majority of funding decisions will be made prior to the due date. 

 If you would like to apply for a Fiscal Year 2023 Special Appropriations grant from my office, please visit the Council's Special Appropriation Grant Awards page. Detailed instructions and the Fiscal Year 2021 Special Appropriation Grant Application may be found there. Please note the application and requirements have been updated from previous years along with a new online submission process, so please allow yourself ample time to complete the application and compile the required documents.

 After you've submitted your application to the Council grants office, please send a separate letter via email to Jaqueline Menjivar at This correspondence should include a specific explanation of the health and/or equity focus of your application and an explanation of how your funding request will serve District 3 residents. 

Making a Difference
There are many non-profit organizations and individuals in District 3 and throughout Prince George's County that are making a positive difference in the community. I am grateful for the many ways you and the members of our non-profit community serve our residents each and every day.