Advisory Boards & Commissions

In our democracy, government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Local government is the form of government closest to us in our everyday lives, and the one we are most able to influence.

Welcome to the Legislative Branch Advisory Boards and Commissions online site.    These groups provide an inter-relationship between the citizenry of the County and the Legislative Branch of Prince George’s County Government.  Advisory members aid the governing process by keeping Prince George’s County in touch with the ideas and attitudes of its citizens. The input of the citizens is vitally important to the success of our County.

Section 506 of the Charter provides that the Council may appoint, for designated periods, one or more temporary advisory boards of citizens of the County who shall assist in the coordination of County policies and programs.

The duties and responsibilities of each Advisory Board member is established pursuant to legislation and can vary depending on the subject matter. We hope this web page will be of use. We encourage you to take advantage of the links provided to gain additional information and to call upon us if you have particular questions.