The People's Agenda

The People's Agenda is bringing the Council to the people!  The agenda is focused on the following areas: 

People's Agenda

  • Ensure Transparency in Our Government
  • Increasing Services for Residents
  • Preserve our Green Space and Protect Our Environment
  • Supporting Smart and Quality Development for Our Community
  • Supporting Working Families
  • Increasing Opportunities for Local Minority Businesses and Nonprofits
  • Bringing Access to Quality Healthcare to Our Communities

In the words of one of the greatest authors of our time, 
Maya Angelou:
"Nothing will work unless you do."
And nothing will work unless we do.

Together We Will

TransparencyEnsure Transparency in Our Government – by implementing an open Government where information is accessible to our residents from our website, including advance notice of the agenda for our meetings to ensuring that our residents are well-informed on how we are spending our money and services that are available to them. We will implement legislation and work with the Executive branch on improving the flow of information which will promote the openness, trust, and accountability in our government.

So together we will …….

ServicesIncreasing Services for Residents and Stakeholders - by Increasing services that will address needs of vulnerable residents in our community such as affordable housing, rental assistance, programs to assist seniors aging in place, assisting low-income residents meet basic needs, programs to assist returning citizens, residents with disability, and our students.

So together we will …….

EnvironmentalPreserve our Green Space and Protect Our Environment – by ensuring the full implementation of the Climate Action Plan which includes tree conservation, stormwater protections, flood control and the promotion of greater clean energy use by the County and in private development.

So together we will …….

DevelopmentSupporting Smart and Quality Development for Our Community - It is time for quality development in Prince George’s County, Smart growth. For years, we have lived in a community of sprawl. It is now time for us to plan our community by supporting transit-oriented development with walkable communities, bike lanes and open space which will assist bringing amenities closer to residents. This means limiting development such as over saturation of townhomes development, public storage facilities, tobacco stores and cannabis shops. This also means Increasing access to quality groceries, restaurants and retail. We will limit the use of text amendments, ensuring that there is always resident participation in any development.

So together we will …….

WorkingFamiliesSupporting Working Families - We are committed to supporting our labor partners who are advocates for bringing financial growth for families. Our commitment will include supporting project labor agreements that will ensure our residents have on the job careers with competitive wages and benefits, supporting initiatives that increase the wages and benefits for public employees and supporting the right to organize for employees.

Increasing Opportunities for Local Minority Businesses and Nonprofits 


So together we will …….

Bringing Access to Quality Healthcare to Our Communities


The People's Agenda: "Putting People First!"