Take the Pick It UP! Campaign Pledge


We can’t fix the litter problem overnight, but we should all do our part to help stop littering. 

Litter on County roadways is a serious problem, and it needs serious solutions. It damages the environment, gets into our waterways, endangers our wildlife, is a detractor for our beautiful state and costs our municipalities, the County and state more than a year to clean up.

Keeping Council District 4 Beautiful

Want to keep Council District 4 beautiful? Follow these steps to keep Council District 4 green and clean for everyone: 

  1. Stop Littering: Learn what constitutes trash and take steps to avoid intentional or unintentional littering. 
  2. If you see litter, pick it up: If you see some, pick it up – every little bit helps. 
  3. Participate in a local cleanup: Joining local cleanups is a great way to get involved and makes a positive impact on our environment. 
  4. Spread the message: Tell everyone you know. Sign up for our newsletter (https://pgccouncil.us/884/Sign-Up-For-eNews). 

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