Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Pick It UP! campaign? 

The goal of the Pick It UP! campaign is to encourage and garner support from District 4 neighbors to pick up the trash in our communities while instilling a deeper sense of pride for keeping our neighborhoods and communities clean all of the time, not for just one day.  There will also be an ongoing social media awareness campaign to remind District 4 residents to continue with daily cleanup efforts.  This will be a consistent, focused campaign.

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Prince George’s County already has community clean-up days, why is District 4 hosting a separate event?
The County’s efforts are great!  Based on litter concerns from District 4 residents, I thought a more focused campaign in District 4 would bring more awareness to the litter problem as well as bring neighbors together.

Will all four cities (Bowie, Greenbelt, Glenn Dale and Lanham) clean-up on the same day at the same time? 
Yes, we will all clean-up on the same day at the same time.  Each person who signs up will receive a kick-off message via email prior to September 30th with details.

How do I get my T-shirt?
To get your T-shirt, go right to the Pick It UP! Campaign Event Sign-Up Form or contact my office at (301) 952-3094.

Will pickers, gloves and trash bags be provided? 
Yes, we will provide all the tools to assist in picking up the litter. 

What is the role of a Community Ambassador?
The role of a Community Ambassador is to be a voice for their neighborhood/community and assist in the management of assembling the group and assisting in identifying the problem areas. 

May I bring my whole family to the event?
Yes, I HIGHLY encourage that families participate together.  This will help to teach our young people that we are all responsible for keeping our communities clean.

Will water or refreshments be provided? 
Yes, water and refreshments will be provided.  More details to come!