Health and Human Services Needs Assessment


Recognizing the importance of effectively addressing the County’s health and human service needs, the County Council, in its role as the Board of Health, has partnered with the RAND Corporation to conduct the 2019 Health and Human Services Needs Assessment for Prince George’s County.  

RAND is a nonprofit institution that helps improve decision-making through research and analysis.   In partnership with the Board of Health, RAND completed a health needs assessment for Prince George’s County in 2009, focusing mostly on health and healthcare-related issues. The Board of Health is again partnering with RAND to conduct a new and expanded assessment to capture the full extent of human services that influence health outcomes. The 2019 RAND Study will reflect the Health-in-All-Policies approach embraced by the Board of Health, examining more closely what effect such factors as education, the economy, transportation, environment, social service delivery and even chronic stress have on the health and wellbeing of County residents and communities.

 As the Council considers future policies, plans, funding, and resources to improve health outcomes and strengthen communities with improved social service delivery, it will need a fuller understanding of the current and future health and human service needs among residents; the level of unmet need; the effectiveness of current services provided; and of the roles of government agencies, nonprofit organizations and other service providers in making necessary improvements.   We look forward to the RAND recommendations for improving health and human service resources and delivery.

Survey Questionnaire

As part of the Health and Human Service Needs Assessment for Prince George’s County, RAND is taking a survey of County residents and leaders to understand current service needs, and to learn from residents how we can take a “Health-In-All-Policies” approach to improving health in Prince George’s County.  The Health-in-All-Policies approach is a comprehensive strategy that requires significant input from County residents and stakeholders, so the Board of Health can advocate for and approve policies that support healthy communities and improved human service delivery that meets the needs of residents where we live, work, and play. 

Thank you for taking time to participate in this important process by filling out the survey below. The first set of questions provide a picture of you as a County resident.  You will not be identified by name.  The remaining questions help us to find out more from you about what you think will improve the health of residents and communities and human service needs in the County.  All are multiple choice responses. 

With your participation, the Board of Health will be able to identify our community’s health needs, discuss the best way to meet those needs, and enhance our Quality of Life, as we shape policies that help Prince Georgians to live better and longer.