Legislative Priorities

This council will continue to work to secure funding for the county’s transportation priorities, including the Purple Line, state road projects and restoration of Highway User Funds.

Economic Development/Transit-Oriented Development
With a focus on transit-oriented development, redevelopment, revenue creation and smart growth, the council is encouraging a more business-friendly Prince George’s County by expanding growth opportunities and commercial development. The time for transit-oriented development is now. The council will work to create and foster a development environment that maximizes transit-oriented development opportunities.

Health Care
Access to quality health care and prevention for our residents are priority concerns. Committed to the health and wellness of our citizens, the council as the Prince George’s County Board of Health, will work with other stakeholders to build a world class Regional Health Center, encourage development of healthy eating options, recreational opportunities, and walkable communities in Prince George’s County.

Targeting the areas of school construction, maintenance of schools, improving student achievement and vocational education, the council is supporting full funding of the county’s public schools, including operational, formula and construction spending.

Public Safety
This council is committed to provide equitable funding resources commensurate with the needs of the county. Public safety, a priority funding area, consistently receives the second largest appropriation of the County Budget. This year, the council is devoting particular attention to police and fire, fire prevention, public safety staffing issues and public safety facilities.