Constituent Services

  1. Scholarships

    Learn how to contact your elected officials and have access to scholarships, internships, fellowships and other programs.

  2. State Resources

    See links to resources such as the Social Security Administration, Federal Unemployment Insurance, and more.

  3. Workforce Training

    Locate workforce training resources.

  4. Everyday Resources

    Access weblinks to county and state services including community organizations and nonprofits that provide helpful resources.

  5. Public Safety Links

    This page provides weblinks to our county District 2 and District 3 police stations, the county fire department and a comprehensive .PDF listing of police department links

  6. Utilities

    Weblinks to local utility companies including BGE, PEPCO, Washington Gas and WSSC.

  7. Council Grants Application

    Information regarding County Council-designated grant funding for County non-profit organizations.

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