Task Forces & Work Groups

  1. Bowie State MARC Station Development Board

    Council Resolution 5-2011​ established the Bowie State MARC Station Development Board to implement the recommendations for the development, redevelopment, and financing of certain county-owned property within the Bowie State MARC Station Sector Plan area.

  2. Equine Task Force

    Review resolutions from the Prince George's County Equine Task Force.

  3. Foreclosure Task Force

    The Prince George’s County Council adopted Council Resolution 2-2012 (CR-2-2012), in February 2012. CR-2-2012 establishes a 13-member Prince George’s County Foreclosure Task Force, representing the county and state governments, stakeholders from the real estate and banking industries, not-for-profit organizations, and the public to review and evaluate the county’s response to foreclosures.

  4. Green Business Advisory Board

    The Green Business Tax Advisory Board, established by the Prince George’s County Council under Council Resolution CR-28-2011, is charged with reviewing and evaluating green business opportunities and recommending appropriate policies and regulations to implement a green business tax credit program in Prince George’s County.

  5. Joint Land Use Study Task Force

    On September 11, 2007, the District Council passed CR-61-2007, which authorized the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) in cooperation with the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment and Joint Base Andrews (formerly Andrews Air Force Base).

  6. Largo Town Center Development Board

    The Largo Town Center Development Board was established to implement land use and policy recommendations for the development of land within the 2013 Largo Town Center Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment area, including a new regional medical campus as a major public health institution.

  7. Parental Engagement & Education Project Task Force

    Council Resolution 3-2013 established the Prince George’s County Parental Engagement and Education Program Work Group to explore best practices for parental engagement and support in public education.

  8. Transfer of Development Rights Work Group

    The Transfer of Development Rights Resolution is a tool created from CR-24-2014​ which considers establishing a voluntary program with a dual purpose of ensuring equity in the Rural Tier and directing development in areas of the county where it is encouraged.

  9. Youth & Gang Violence Task Force

    The Youth and Gang Violence Prevention Task Force was established to review and evaluate the county’s violence-prevention programs and their impact upon county youth and recommend appropriate changes, including measurements of success, to ensure a well-coordinated and systematic violence-prevention effort in the county.

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