Other Aspects of the Development Approval Process

As previously discussed, all land in Prince George's County is zoned, and the type and density of potential development is regulated by the terms of the various zoning categories. Before a land owner or developer can actually begin construction on his property, however, he generally must obtain approval of a plan of subdivision, and record plats in compliance with Subdivision Regulations (Subtitle 24 of the County Code). The Planning Board has full and final responsibility for administration of the Subdivision Regulations. In certain zones and when required by conditions of zoning approval, Conceptual and Detailed Site Plans must be approved. The necessary permits must always be obtained prior to the beginning of construction.
  1. Subdivision Process

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  2. Conceptual & Detailed Site Plan Review

    For those zones or conditional zoning actions which require conceptual and/or detailed site plan review and approval, building permits cannot be issued until such plans are approved by the Planning Board. All construction and landscaping must meet the terms of the approved site plan.

  3. Permit Review

    Building, Use and Occupancy, and Sign permits are issued by the Department of Environmental Resources. Applications for permits are also referred to other local agencies including the Department of Public Works and Transportation, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, and the Health Department and the M-NCPPC for review and recommendations as to zoning requirements. Any permit issued without such review and recommendation is invalid.

  4. Approval of Request for Water & Sewer Service

    The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission determines what sewer line extensions may be necessary to service a particular development approved by the County Sewerage Plan. The WSSC also determines the conditions under which any needed extensions will be built, or sewer connections, or hook-ups authorized.

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