C. The Zoning Process

  1. Background

    The Prince George's County Zoning Ordinance is part of the County Code. It describes the various zones, lists the uses permitted in each zone, specifies densities and sets forth the procedures to change the zones.

  2. Types of Zones

    There are 2 types of zones in use in Prince George's County: conventional zones and floating zones. There is a large variety of individual zoning classifications within each of these types. Most properties are in conventional zones. However, an increasing number of properties are being placed in floating zones.

  3. Rezoning

    Changes to existing zones occur either through zoning map amendments or sectional map amendments. Zoning map amendments are requested by a property owner for a single parcel of land, whereas sectional map amendments are initiated by the District Council and cover a designated area. The District Council has full authority and responsibility for all rezoning decisions.

  4. Development Review

    The final steps in the land development process consist of the review and approval of subdivision plats and of various types of permits. In some cases, review and approval of site plans are also required. These procedures are designed to ensure that new development is compatible with approved master plans, meets county requirements and enhances the quality of life in the county.

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