Legislative Process

The procedures outlined in this handbook reflect the current Council Rules of Procedure. Section 316 of the County Charter requires that the council adopt and publish Rules of Procedure, which accordingly may revise information contained in the handbook.

The County Council functions and convenes in three separate capacities:
  • The County Council, when considering legislation and items of county government business other than land use plans and zoning matters
  • The District Council, when considering zoning matters and land use plans
  • The local Board of Health, when considering health policy issues


  1. Council Sessions

    Learn about general requirements for council sessions.

  2. Legislative Process & Procedures

    Get information about the legislative process and procedures.

  3. Executive Action

    The Charter allows the County Executive 10 working days to decide whether to approve a bill, veto it, or permit it to go into effect without his signature.

  4. Special Provisions of the Legislative Process

    Review the special provisions of the legislative process.

  5. County Code

    The County Code is a compilation of County laws printed so that the text of each Code section contains the latest amended wording of that section. Annotations make reference to the number of the Council Bill which enacted the section and to all subsequent amending Bills.

  6. Board of Health

    Under State Law, the Board of Health - which in Prince George's County is the County Council - must meet at least semi-annually during May and October.

  7. Committee System

    The Council has imposed upon itself a committee system which operates pursuant to the County Council Rules of Procedure. The committee system operates prior to the introduction of a bill, and when determined to be appropriate by a majority of the Council members present, after introduction to permit further study or modification to a bill.

  8. Consent Agenda

    A Consent Agenda is prepared for each business and legislative session day. Items appropriate for the Consent Agenda include the approval of the minutes of previous meetings, presentation of bills and the introduction of resolutions.

  9. Drafting of Legislation

    Any member who desires to have a bill or resolution drafted should place that request in writing to the Council Administrator, who will assign the request to the appropriate staff for drafting.

  10. Legislation Requested by Executive Agencies

    Legislation requested by executive branch agencies will normally be presented by the County Executive to the Chairman in the form of draft legislation.

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